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Underwater Ecomuseum

It is an astonishing ecological project which saw the light of day in Cannes with the creation of the first French submarine ecomuseum.

On Thursday January 28, 2021, after two years of creation and development, the works made on the theme of the mask were immersed off the island of Sainte-Marguerite, they represent the faces of a few inhabitants of Cannes. Carved in marine cement with a neutral pH, these portraits, 2 meters high and around 10 tonnes, allow us to preserve marine animal and plant species, but also to observe the evolution of this biodiversity.

The corals will indeed be able to develop on the 6 sculptures made by the British artist Jason DeCaires Taylor and the fish will be able to make them their habitat. The site will be accessible to divers using a simple mask and a snorkel over a distance ranging from 84 to 132 meters from the shore and a depth of 3 to 5 meters. The added value of this ecological museum also lies in the fact that ships no longer have the right to navigate there, the anchoring of boats is now prohibited. This made it possible to widen the bathing area by quadrupling it.

Credit Photo @eric_barnabe_photographie